Feature Update: Introducing the New Contact Page Layout

We recently updated the presentation of each contact's profile page with the aim of aggregating all contact activity - past and future - to one location. As you may know, TextIt comprises two key ingredients: outbound events - in the form of messages, campaign events and workflows - and inbound events sourced from your contacts. Representing past and future events allows us to highlight one of our most powerful features, campaigns, by bringing each contact's individual schedule to the forefront. Here's a guide to the updated layout:

Contact Fields

Contact fields now appear directly beneath the contact's name, phone number and groups:

Scheduled Events

If the contact is scheduled to receive a scheduled event such as a campaign event, scheduled message or scheduled flow, it will appear under the "Upcoming" header with a description of its schedule:  

Event History

A contact's message history is now displayed beneath any upcoming messages:

The events that populate this section are displayed in order of occurrence, with the most recent event showing first. Note that you can hover over the date to reveal the time at which the event occurred.


Hovering over each of the icons listed below will reveal the channel used to initiate the event the icon denotes. Here's a description of each:

The "delivered" icon denotes a delivered message, and is followed by the text of the message.

The "sent" icon denotes a message that has been sent but hasn't returned a delivery receipt. Some carriers and channels aren't able to provide delivery receipts. These messages should be considered delivered unless they're present within the "Outbox" folder in the messages tab.

The contact icon denotes a message received from a contact, and is followed by the text of that message.

The broadcast icon denotes a message broadcast, and is followed by the number of contacts targeted by the message as well as its contents.

The caution icon denotes a message that has failed to send, and is followed by the text of the message.

The branch icon denotes entrance into a flow, and is followed by the name of the flow.

The clock icon denotes a campaign event, and is followed by the content of the event - either a message or flow - and the contact field around which it's scheduled.

Accessing Contact History

If your contact has a long history of events, you can view their previous history by clicking the "Load More" button on the bottom of the page.

What are your impressions?

Thank you for your continuous support! If you have a question or comment regarding this update, send us a note at support@textit.in, or shoot us a message through our support widget.