What if you could apply for jobs via SMS?


This post builds off our “Why SMS Matters More than Ever” article, highlighting the resurgence of SMS as it transitions from purely social to a global communication utility. 

Wouldn't it be convenient to apply for jobs via SMS?

Well, now you can. Y-Combinator-funded startup HigherMe used TextIt to built a chat bot that registers job-seekers for their hiring service on the go, matching them with openings that fit their preferences, availability and location.

Currently geared towards service workers, Higherme’s SMS service, Kendra, allows you to register at your convenience - on your break, the bus or between errands - to be matched with employers. The process takes less than five minutes if you complete it in one go, but is also intended for asynchronous communication - responding at your own pace.

How it works

Higherme uses TextIt’s Flow Event Webhook functionality to post and retrieve data from their web application, allowing them to build your profile each time you respond. In addition, they build links to their web service into their messages, allowing you to leverage two of your smartphone’s core features - SMS and internet access - to complete the entire process without a computer or tablet.

Born of founder and CEO Rob Hunter’s experience managing service workers, Kendra’s line of questioning never touches on your resume, focusing instead on your location, availability and personality (which you can put on display by attaching a short video to your profile). You’ll eventually list past experience, but Higherme's focus is on providing a plug-and-play solution for hiring managers in an industry with high turnover. Higherme plans to apply their service to the tech sector as well, given its own increase in turnover.

Rather than sifting through resumes, employers get an email every time there’s a new application that contains a quick summary of the applicant - including a rating that speculates how good a fit they might be.

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