WebHelp Uses TextIt to Collect Customer Feedback

Clear, effective feedback is a vital resource for any organization. In fact, customer feedback–a buyer, constituent or beneficiary’s reaction to an organization’s products, services, or policies–has never been more important in a time where agile methodology and user-centered design are ubiquitously employed. Here, the goal is to create a reliable, performant communication pipeline to facilitate an exchange of information that measures the difference between performance expected and performance exhibited.

Effective organizations are just as good at soliciting feedback as they are accepting it. They know that effective feedback has benefits for the giver, the receiver, and the greater organization by creating clear directives that motivate improvement and promote alignment with brand, mission and strategy. They also know that mobile phones and the channels they support–SMS messaging, voice (IVR) and social media–are the most effective ways to solicit feedback with an open rate of 98% and response rate of over 70%.

WebHelp, a global business process outsourcing provider specializing in business process management and customer experience across a range of digital communication channels for companies like Sky, Vodafone and Shop Direct, is one such organization. WebHelp uses TextIt to collect product and customer service feedback via SMS messaging for a number of leading European companies.

How it Works

Each time a customer completes one of WebHelp’s client’s own customer support protocols, they receive an SMS-based workflow from WebHelp’s TextIt account, triggered by our Flow Run API endpoint (test it out on your own account using our API Explorer). The workflow measures both product and customer service satisfaction through a series of simple, well-designed questions. WebHelp then uses tools like BIME to aggregate and analyze the workflow’s results and create a comprehensive report which their clients can use to improve their products and services.

Behind the Process

TextIt’s simple, visual drag-and-drop workflow builder, coupled with its uniquely powerful logic engine, allows experts such as WebHelp to build their own brand of mobile messaging feedback forms in minutes and deploy them instantly.

WebHelp’s surveys are short and direct, consisting of no more than 5 questions. Time-sensitive surveys such as service evaluations have higher completion rates when kept at or below 5 questions. They begin by measuring the customer’s satisfaction with the customer service process as a whole. Next, they determine whether or not the issue was resolved. Finally, they ask the customer for comments to qualify their previous responses:  

At the end of the workflow, each customer’s feedback can be sent via email to your organization’s feedback platform:


Note that TextIt's WebHook actions and API can also be used to pass customers’ feedback to other web services, like Slack, Zendesk, Woopra, Qualaroo, and much more!  

Give it a Try

Users who’ve purchased credits can download the feedback workflow mentioned in this article below:

To import this flow to your account, navigate to your account page, select “Import” from the settings menu in the top right corner, and add the flow:


TextIt is changing the way organizations communicate with customers, beneficiaries, constituents and stakeholders. Whether you're interested in adding an SMS messaging channel to your communication pipeline like WebHelp, or building chat bot like HigherMe, you're guaranteed to increase engagement. 

For Example:

  1. An E-commerce company can use TextIt to improve funnel abandonment by texting discount codes to customers who put something in their cart but don't purchase.
  2. An on-demand company can push text notifications when their delivery is on the way or manage a fleet of workers who won't be on computers but will always have their phones.  
  3. Any company can measure Net Promotor Score or Customer Satisfaction by sending messages that are more likely to be read and responded to than any other form of communication.

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