Using the Simulator to test your SMS Application

A big part of building things is testing them out, and while you can always test SMS apps with your phone, it quickly grows tiring. That's why we built an awesome simulator for TextIt, one that lets you see exactly how things will work for your end user. Not only do we let you interact with a flow right from the same page you use to create it, we also show the simulator moving through the flow in the same way we show real users. This lets you see the path taken as you work through a flow, and of course any edits you make to the flow are immediately reflected when you send the next message.

If you haven't tried it out yet, just go to any flow page and click the little phone icon on the right side of the page, it will slide in and automatically start you down the flow.

Action Logs

As TextIt has become more powerful with the addition of group management, contact variables and email (among others!), we've updated the simulator to keep pace. When you trigger one of these advanced actions in a flow we insert a message to show what happened. If you are using an email action we'll still send you the email so you can make sure it contains the right information. This all ties back to us wanting to enable you to be agile in how you create your SMS applications. If testing is something that took forever and you hated doing, then you'd resist making changes, too scared to break something. Because the TextIt simulator is so easy and quick, you can continuously iterate, confident that everything is working as expected. 

We've been working on putting together similar short videos for other TextIt features. If you have any requests or questions, please send them our way to