The Contact Analysis Checklist

Prior to constructing your flows, it’s a good idea to conduct a contact analysis to learn more about your intended audience. We’ve put together a checklist containing questions to help you analyze your contacts and ensure efficient and pleasant communication. This checklist can be applied at any point in the testing process.

The Checklist

  1. How many contacts do you anticipate will interact with your service ?

  2. What information do you have regarding the demographic makeup of your contacts (age, gender, education level, ethnicity), and how might you use that information to develop and shape your flows? Will it be necessary to build a multi-language flow?

  3. What personal and professional traits do you have in common with your contacts?

  4. Are there any cultural considerations that may influence how your contacts interact with your flows?

  5. Will you need to targeting certain contacts? If so, what is your criteria?

  6. With regard to your service, how much knowledge or expertise will your contacts possess?

  7. Will your contacts recognize and implicitly trust your credibility or ethos, or will you have to earn their trust by immediately demonstrating value?

  8. What preconceptions or biases regarding your service and/or channel might be held by some of your contacts?

  9. In general, will your contacts have a favorable, unfavorable, or neutral attitude toward the subject and/or nature of your service?

  10. What common misconceptions about the subject of your service will you need to correct during the course of your deployment?

  11. In general, will your contacts recognize the value of your service, or will you need to generate interest and demonstrate value?

  12. What expectations might your contacts have regarding the length of your flows?

  13. What expectations might your contacts have regarding content of your flows?

  14. To complete your flows, how much background information will your contacts need?

  15. What key questions might your contacts have about your service?

  16. Which tone or general attitude do you want to convey to your contacts - objective? authoritative? collaborative? supportive?

  17. What do you want your contacts to know or do as a result of interacting with your flows?