TextIt Updates: Week of March 20th

Each week we highlight new articles and changes to TextIt, as well as tips intended to help you get the most out of your app:


  • We shipped some changes that will populate incoming MMS messages with the URL of the media sent via MMS. This may be particularly useful for those using Twilio channels. 


  • Those looking for a reliable aggregator in Indonesia may consider Dart Media or Text Magic. We're happy to facilitate integration; contact us to learn more about the process. 
  • Download the flow Time Conversion to learn how you can convert TextIt's default 24 hour time values to 12 hour time values.
  • You can delete contacts in bulk by placing the contacts whom you'd like to delete in a group via a flow, then using the API Explorer (specifically, the 'Delete Contacts' request) to delete all contacts in that group. This will delete each contact's history as well. 

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