TextIt Updates: Week of February 28th

Each week we highlight new articles and changes to the platform, as well as tips intended to help you get the most out of TextIt:


  • This week, we're highlighting a use case backed by a substantial body of research: smoking cessation. It's been found by study after study that advice, reminders and tips sent via text message are just as effective as phone counseling and nicotine replacement therapies. In fact, this meta-analysis of 13 smoking cessation studies found that on average, quit rates for text messaging intervention groups were 36% higher compared to control group quit rates. Sample flow available to download (link). 
  • Learn how you can use flows to automatically create and populate an entire profile for each new contact. In tandem with our use case spotlight, we're demoing an SMS version of the SmokefreeTXT online registration form. SmokefreeTXT a mobile-based smoking cessation intervention designed for teens and adults across the United States. Sample flow and the QuitNowTXT smoking cessation message library are available to download (link). 
  • We've created some Telegram chat bots to demonstrate what's possible with a TextIt/Telegram integration. Search for Purrington, a bot that provides cat facts, and Oxford Wordsly, a bot that tests your English and Spanish vocabulary, to try it out. 


  • Just like Excel functions, TextIt functions can be called within each other. Here's an example of an OR function being called within an AND function: @(IF(OR(date.yesterday ="03-01-2016", date.tomorrow="03-04-2016"), "either_true", "both_false"))
  • It's possible to search for contacts based on the value of a custom field. Just plug a query into the search bar of your contacts tab, e.g. age>=21Learn more here
  • Did you know it's possible to create flows that send a combination of SMS and Voice messages? Each voice flow contains a Send an SMS Response action: 

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