TextIt Updates: Week of April 24th

Each week we highlight new articles and changes to the platform, as well as tips intended to help you get the most out of TextIt:


  • Full-featured media support is on its way! This quarter, we made changes to enable you to collect images, videos, files and even GPS coordinates. First, we populated incoming Twilio MMS with URLs. Now, we're displaying media collected via Twilio and Telegram channels on each contact's profile (link).  


  • Those who wish to programmatically export data from TextIt can do so via the flow runs endpoint, which will give you the same data as an Excel export. You can grab contact fields separately using the contacts endpoint
  • You can account for inadvertent message send errors (like Twilio's invalid phone number or invalid phone number format errors) by starting contacts in a flow that asks them to respond (to confirm message receipt), then place only those who responded in a group that receives followup messages. You can view a channel's error log by navigating to your account page and clicking on the channel.

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