TextIt Update: New Billing Plan (Unlimited messaging!)

Over the years we’ve heard from you that you’d love a way to use TextIt without having to pay for each interaction. Well, we’re excited to share with you that we’re switching to a simple, affordable, subscription plan that makes that possible!

Starting September 1st, we’re moving to a monthly subscription plan that includes unlimited messaging. Instead of pricing based on the number of messages you send, pricing will be based on the number of contacts you maintain in your TextIt workspace. Each TextIt subscription will include 1,000 contacts, unlimited messaging and be only $25 per month. Each additional contact above 1,000 will only cost $0.01 per month.

This will let you more easily predict the costs of your projects and let you build awesome interactive flows without worrying about how many credits they will use at scale. We’re also rolling out new features to help you delete contacts you are no longer using. 

What’s Next

If you have existing credits, you can still use them until they expire. However, once you run out of those credits, you’ll have to switch to our new monthly plan. If you’d like the benefits of unlimited messaging immediately, we’ll also let you convert the value of any remaining credits you have starting on September 1st.

If your account has no credits, we’ll convert you to our free trial plan on September 1st and you’ll have 90 days to evaluate the product with up to 100 contacts.


We've helped organizations deliver over 20 million Covid-19 related messages on TextIt and we are excited to continue that support moving forward. We’ll offer discounted pricing for anyone using TextIt for Covid-19 projects with a plan that includes 10,000 free contacts and half price contact pricing for just $25 per month.

More questions? See our FAQs below!

Do I get to keep my credits? 

If you have existing credits, you can choose to stay on the TopUp plan and continue using those credits until they expire or are used up.

What if I have contacts that I don’t use? 

You will be billed for all contacts in your workspace over the course of a month, but you can remove any contacts that you don’t use. We’re adding a new feature that indicates when a contact was last used and allows for easy deletion of dormant contacts.

How does billing work? 

You will be billed the base subscription rate of $25 at the beginning of each month. At the end of each month, you will be billed a fee for any contacts in your workspace that exceeded the 1,000 contact threshold. If you cancel before the end of the month, your usage fees will be prorated. 

Will I pay more for the subscription plan? 

We’ve designed our new pricing plan to deliver the benefits of unlimited messaging to all users. Most users will pay significantly less, some users may pay slightly more, but we’ve made sure that no users will have a significant cost increase. 

How does the Free Trial work?

New users will be able to use TextIt free of charge for 90 days, with 100 contacts included. 

I’m working on a Covid-19 project. Do I still qualify for discounted pricing? 

We’ll continue to offer discounted pricing for anyone using TextIt for Covid-19 projects. Our Covid-19 plan will be $25 per month and will include 10,000 contacts with each additional contact priced at $.005.

I’m a really big user. Can I qualify for discounted pricing?

If your account has over 100,000 contacts you may be eligible for volume discounts. Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more!

What if I want to delete my account? 

No problem, if you take no action, we’ll delete your account automatically on December 1st. We’ll send you one last reminder a few weeks before in case you change your mind. If you want to delete it immediately, just reach out to us and we’ll take care of it.

Questions? Comments? Let us know!