Stay Raja Ampat Uses TextIt to Collect SMS Inquiries & Confirm Bookings

Stay Raja Ampat, an eco-tourism homestay enterprise that offers traditional Papuan accommodations where you can dive, snorkel, relax, experience traditional culture and see incredible wildlife among Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Islands, uses TextIt to collect SMS inquiries and confirm homestay booking requests. 

The Booking Process

Homestays are booked through Stay Raja Ampat’s booking module, which collects your phone number in addition to your booking information prior to checkout:

Stay Raja Ampat’s SMS-based booking confirmation process is powered by the WordPress TextIt SDK, a custom WordPress plugin developed by Stay Raja Ampat to respond to TextIt WebHook events through their WordPress site, and TextIt’s Flow Event WebHooks (see documentation here). Once the booking is completed, clients who've provided an Indonesian phone number receive a confirmation message containing the location of their homestay, booking ID, number of guests and rooms, checkin and checkout dates, and pickup location. Clients can respond to confirm the information provided on their booking: 

Clients receive a text message similar to the one below once the keys passed from Stay Raja Ampat's site replace their @extra placeholders: 

Submitting an Inquiry

In addition to booking confirmations, Stay Raja Ampat uses TextIt's Send Email action to manage SMS inquiries. All messages containing the keyword trigger "Collect" followed by an inquiry are directed to Stay Raja Ampat's booking email address:

Android Channel Reliability 

Stay Raja Ampat processes every messages through our free Android app, which provides a simple yet effective messaging channel anywhere in the world - all you need is an Android phone, internet access and a cellular network. 

Book Your Stay

Visit Stay Raja Ampat’s website to book a stay among Raja Ampat’s tropical island jewels and densely populated seas. You'll experience a nursery and refuge for coral and fish species that are rapidly disappearing from elsewhere in the region, and you’ll be supporting the local economy as you empower the traditional owners of Raja Ampat in their efforts to preserve both their environment and way of life.

Visit our site to sign-up for a free TextIt account - no credit card required. Questions? Comments? Get in touch with us anytime at