Scheduled Flows and Video Learning Center

We pushed a few new things this week based on your feedback, including allowing you to start flows on set schedules (even repeat them!) and a new video learning center with short two minutes videos covering various aspects of flows.

Scheduled Flows

One request we got from a few people is whether you could trigger flows based on time, that is send a flow to a set of contacts every Monday at 6:00pm. And you know what? That's not just good idea, that's a great one, so we slaved away this week to bring it to fruition. Just visit the Triggers Tab and you can start triggering flows based on whatever schedule your heart desires.

This gives you a lot of power, you can now send out weekly questionnaires to a set of contacts automatically, say to do a longitudinal study of their satisfaction or the effect of your program over time. Or you could utilize schedules to gather stock levels at clinics without having to worry about your contacts remembering to send it.

New Videos

You probably thought that with my voice over skills I would have hung up the hat doing tutorial videos, but I just can't resist, so we put together a dozen really short videos covering basic (and not so basic) flow concepts to help you get started. If you want to see how to use some of the more advanced actions in flows, or if you are just feeling lonely, you can check them out in our new learning center

As always, get in touch at if you have any questions or suggestions.