New Messaged Contact Pricing!

As you know, we launched our new unlimited messaging plan on September 1st. Billing on the new plan was based on the total number of contacts in your account at the end of each month. Over the past month we've received feedback from some of our customers that they'd like to be billed based on the number of messaged contacts in their workspace instead of the total number of contacts. This would more accurately represent the value they are getting from TextIt on a monthly basis.

After considering the pros and cons we've decided those customers are right and our subscription plan now only counts contacts who have sent or received a message (or IVR call) during each subscription period. For example, if you have 15,000 contacts in your workspace, but only message 600 of them during a month, then you will only be billed $25. Each workspace will still come with 1,000 messaged contacts included and each additional messaged contact will still be billed at $0.01 per month.

We've already made this change on our side and all plans have already been upgraded to this plan. You will now enjoy a lower monthly bill and the ability to build up a contact list in your workspace that you can refer to in the future.

As always, if you have any questions, reach out via the support widget on the website!