Key Mobile Messaging Insights for a Successful 2017

(image source: Dimoco

2016 was a great year for mobile messaging: messaging app usership skyrocketed, smartphone ownership continued to increase around the world thanks to low-cost Android, and chatbots burst onto the scene when Facebook announced Messenger’s bot platform.

In the spirit of reflection, we’d like to share Twilio’s 2016 global mobile messaging consumer report. It's full of great insights even if you don't use Twilio. For those who aren’t familiar, Twilio is by far our most popular integration. It enables organizations around the world to create and deploy SMS or IVR bots in minutes. 

Some key takeaways: 

  • 89% of global consumers want to use messaging to communicate with businesses.
  • The average consumer has 3 messaging apps on their phone’s home screen, uses 3 different messaging apps per week, and sends 3 messages per hour. 
  • 47% of consumers prefer to communicate with businesses via SMS vs. FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Line, Snapchat and others. 
  • More than 8 out of 10 (85%) of consumers not only want to be able to receive information but also reply to businesses or engage in a conversation.
  • Most customers enable notifications for messaging apps (86% in US, 82% in Europe and 77% in Asia, respectively). 

Here’s a link to the full report: 

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