Introducing Quick Reply Support for IP Messaging Channels

TextIt now supports quick replies, a feature that enables you to provide contacts on IP messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram or LINE a predefined set of responses. 

Whereas simple text is the foundation of any mobile messaging experience, quick replies allow you to enhance the experience by presenting a collection of options to the message recipient. When one of these options is tapped, the set is replaced with a single text message which is then sent to your flow. 


To add quick replies to a message, simply click the dialog icon beneath TextIt's message composition form. 

These options will then appear for anyone who interacts with that flow. You can even test them yourself in the simulator. 

Quick replies are handled just like regular text, so you can continue to structure your RuleSets as you normally would.


Note that your end users aren't limited to the quick replies you've prescribed; they can respond with their own text if they'd like. It's important to consider this when adding RuleSets for questions that include quick replies.

There you have it. Questions? Comments? Let us know! We value your feedback.