Feature Update - Simplified Expressions

Writing expressions in TextIt just got easier :)

In an effort to simplify the process of adding expressions to flows, we’ve changed the input method from = to @ and added a completion dialogue that lists and explains each function when @( is written in any window:  


Variable substitution remains the same, so @contact and @contact.name are unchanged. 

With these new changes, what was previously written as =UPPER(contact.name) or @contact.name|upper is now written @(UPPER(contact.name))

To escape the variable and function dialogue, simply add an additional @ to the text. For example, @@twitter will evaluate to @twitter when a message is sent. 

Refer to our function glossary for a list of functions you can add to your messages. 

We’re excited to get your feedback; share your thoughts with us at support@textit.in.

All the best,

The TextIt Team