Feature Update: Group Membership Evaluation

Groups are a great way to track and manage users, and they can mean many different things: perhaps a group represents active users, completion of a flow, participation in a campaign, a particular response to a question, or an attribute that some of your contacts might share. Whatever their purpose, groups are an important to getting the most out of TextIt. For this reason, we simplified the process of checking if the active contact is a member of a particular group. 

Simply select the 'Split by group membership' option from the RuleSet menu and add the groups you'd like to check for membership. Each will become its own category. 

Evaluating Membership in Multiple Groups

If you need to check for membership in multiple groups, you can chain multiple 'Split by group membership' RuleSets. 


The 'Split by group membership' RuleSet evaluates the groups you enter from left to right, so order matters if it's possible the contact could be in more than one of the groups entered. If they are, they'll be matched with the group that appears first. The order the groups are evaluated in can be changed by dragging the groups from left to right in the 'Group Membership' modal. 

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