Add Contacts to your Account from your Phone

TextIt now allows you to create new contacts by submitting their information to a messaging workflow. This pathway is new, but it's already getting use in some interesting contexts. For example, we're learning that this configuration is a convenient way for medical professionals to register new patients. 

Create your Contact Creation Flow

In the sample flow below we've created a questionnaire that asks for the contact's default attributes - their name and phone number: 

After the active contact enters those values for the new contact they're creating, they reach a Start Someone Else in a Flow action. This action is unique in that it allows you to start the yet-to-be-created contact - represented by their phone number (the variable) - in the next flow, which we'll modify to update their name. Once they exit the flow, they're added to your account: 

Creating the New Contact

We've placed an Update the Contact action in the next flow, Create New Patient, which will update the new contacts' names with the values we collected in the previous flow (

Because this flow is connected to the previous flow through a Start Someone Else in a Flow action, we're able to call the flow variables collected by the previous flow by giving them the @parent prefix, e.g.

That's all there is to it. Once the new contact's default phone field (URN) is given a value, they're added to your account.