Connect TextIt to over 500 Apps with Zapier

***Our Zapier application is now Global! More information here***

This week, by popular demand, we released a private TextIt Zapier app that allows anyone to integrate TextIt with the other apps in their workflow without writing a single line of code. It enables you to connect more than 500 apps to TextIt and create automated connections, called "Zaps," that'll free you to focus your attention where it's most needed. You might consider using Zapier to: 

  • Distribute and verify coupons and vouchers via Google Sheets. 
  • Adding contacts who complete a Typeform embedded in your website to a flow. 
  • Adding new Salesforce contacts to flows. 
  • Using HookPress to trigger flows from actions taken on your Wordpress site.

A first-class TextIt Zapier app is on its way. In the mean time, you can follow this link while signed-in to your Zapier account to gain unlimited access. Worried about managing the costs of both services? Don’t sweat it. The great thing about private Zapier apps is that you can use them to build multi-step Zaps on a free plan (a restriction if using only global apps).

How it Works

Zapier watches your apps for new data, and kicks off triggers and actions based on the rules you set. Each trigger and action pairing is called a 'zap'; here are some examples: 

At this time, we offer one trigger and one action on Zapier:

Starting a Contact in a Flow

The 'Start a contact in a flow' action allows you to do just that using information collected by Typeform, Wufoo, Google Sheets and hundreds of other apps: 

Learn how to automatically start a flow using information collected by a new Typeform entry. 

Creating a Webhook Trigger

The 'Webhook' trigger allows you to generate a url that can be placed in a TextIt webhook action in a flow, which will post information collected by the flow to Zapier for use with other apps: 

Learn how to automatically post information collected by a flow to one of your team's Slack channels. 

Try it Out

Check out Zapier to discover more use cases and sign up for a free account if you haven't already. Have a workflow you need to automate that you don't see here? Let us know, we'd love to get your feedback!