Building SMS-Based Election Monitoring Tools with TextIt

The quality of an election process serves as an important indicator of the nature of the resulting government. As such, non-partisan election observation provides citizens around the world the integrity and tools necessary to promote accurate representation, transparency, accountability and democracy within their governments. TextIt's flow engine and Surveyor app enable anyone to monitor elections intuitively, efficiently, and thoroughly from a mobile phone - with or without a connection. 

Governments, NGOs, and other organizations can pair a messaging workflow similar to the example pictured above with an SMS channel or the TextIt Surveyor app to collect and analyze risk data, and record the results of actions taken within an electoral context to build their capacity to understand electoral risk factors and design prevention and mitigation strategies.

How it Works

TextIt allows observers to immediately transmit their findings from polling locations to headquarters, painting a picture of the election in real-time. These results help observation projects to instantly determine if an election is credible. Beyond data collection, TextIt includes features for managing data-centered field work, including: 

  • versatile workflow design
  • workflow standardization
  • real-time and customized data analysis
  • multiple channels of data transmission
  • multilingual translation
  • the ability to broadcast messages to observer teams across a country.

The Surveyor Advantage

The TextIt Surveyor app allows observer teams to collect data using any Android phone - without internet access or a cellular connection. Utilizing the chat-based flow engine that a respondent might normally receive via SMS, observer teams need simply open the app, tap the appropriate workflow, and begin interacting. Check out the video below to see just how instant and intuitive the process is: 

TextIt makes quantitative data gathering and analysis increasingly simple, immediate, efficient, and powerful. Get in touch with us at to learn more about how your organization can utilize TextIt in the field to collect data and foster positive change, or sign-up for a free account to give it a try.