Transfer Airtime with TextIt

On over 400 mobile networks in more than 100 countries, TextIt users can now transfer airtime to help power their business operations, messaging services, community outreach initiatives, and mobile marketing campaigns. Using the popular airtime and mobile money transfer service TransferTo, you can use flows to send airtime to over 4.5 billion prepaid mobile users around the world.

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, TransferTo is a B2B mobile payment network interconnecting financial institutions and mobile operators globally. Thousands of leading companies, including Vodafone’s M-Pesa, Tigo Money, Orange, Western Union, PayPal and Xoom rely on TransferTo’s Mobile Money and Airtime Hub.

Among the factors that led us to integrate with TransferTo are its reliability and ubiquity among top financial institutions and mobile operators. To date, its Money and Airtime Hub has processed more than 50 million transactions. 

Airtime Primer

Airtime is the time during which a cellular phone is in use, including calls made and received by extensions. It typically covers SMS and data usage. Airtime transfer is the process of remotely adding airtime to a prepaid mobile phone. Also called a Top-Up, Recharge, Reload, E-load, Fa, Nap, Kontor, or Refill.

Use Cases

  • If you use the Nyaruka TextIt Android app to send messages and receive messages with a prepaid SIM card, you can now add airtime directly from your TextIt account instead of physically purchasing airtime from a local vendor.
  • Your can now offer airtime as a reward for flow completion, as sending airtime to your respondents encourages participation, and reimbursement for the cost of sending SMS ensures they’ll participate in the future.

Getting Started

First, you'll need to open a denominational account with TransferTo. To do so, send a note through TransferTo's contact form including your company name, address and currency. You'll be assigned an account and account manager to help you navigate the service. 

Locating your API Token

Once you've acquired an account, navigate to the developer portal. 

Enable two factor authentication to access your API token, then copy it to your clipboard.

Connecting TransferTo to TextIt

Finally, navigate to your TextIt account’s home page, select the TransferTo icon at the bottom of the page, then paste your TransferTo API token and enter your TransferTo username.

How it Works

Once you’ve integrated your TransferTo account with TextIt, you’ll be able to send money in the currencies used in the countries for which your account has channels. To add airtime transfer to one of your flows, simply open the ‘RuleSet’ modal in the flow editor and select the ‘Transfer Airtime’ option. Then, select the amount of money you’d like the step to send.

Finally, add branches that account for successful and failed transfer attempts.

Troubleshooting Transfers

You can click the TransferTo icon on your account's home page to access your transfer logs. 

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