Adding an Email or Zendesk Ticketing Service

You can easily pass a contact's communications off to a live human agent via email or our Zendesk integration. This is an easy way to better respond to help requests, process refunds, provide more detailed one-on-one information to contacts, and so many more use-cases.

Adding a ticketing service provides an advantage over the 'Send Email' action as the communications between your agent and contact will remain on TextIt and can be viewed as incoming and outgoing messages on the platform.

Adding an Email Ticketing Service

Email ticketing is a super simple way to handle your live agent responses. It takes just moments to set up.

First, integrate the email address to which all new tickets will be forwarded. Your agent's responses will also come from this email address. Navigate to your account page by clicking on your organization name in the top right corner:

Click the gear icon and choose 'Add Ticketing Service':

Next, click the 'Email' section:

Add your email:

Find the verification email which you'll find in your email inbox and connect the code:

That's it! You're now ready to set up the email ticketing action in a flow.

Setting up email ticketing in a flow

To begin your email ticketing pipeline, create a flow that will collect any text or fields you'd like to forward to your agent. In the simple sample flow above, we ask the contact to send us free text describing their issue & collect it with a 'Wait for Response' node.

Once we've collected all the responses we'd like, we add the ticketing action:

In the body of the email, we'll reference the free text the contact sent using @results.issue, using the name we gave to the flow result in the 'Wait for Response' node.

When a contact passes through the flow, a ticket will automatically be forwarded to the email address we integrated to our TextIt account. In your email, you can respond to the contact's request:

All further messages between the agent and the contact will also been seen in your TextIt account. Here's the contact's message history page showing the agent's email message and the contact's response:

Adding a Zendesk Ticketing Service

Zendesk is a CRM company that builds software designed to improve customer relationships. The platform provides support, sales, and customer engagement software that allows you to integrate live agent chatting, self-service, call center communications and more into a single platform.

After creating your Zendesk account, you'll integrate it into TextIt. Navigate to your TextIt account page, click the gear icon, and choose 'Add Ticketing Service' from the dropdown menu:

Click on the Zendesk section:

Type in your subdomain name and then click 'Allow' on the following page to give TextIt permission to access your Zendesk account.

Follow the steps on the integration page:

  1. Click the link to redirect to Zendesk's app marketplace and search for 'TextIt'. Install the app.
  2. In your Zendesk Channel Integrations page, you should now see the TextIt app added.
  3. On this page, click the TextIt app in the list and add an account. You'll need the secret key found on the integration page in TextIt.

Add a display name and the secret key:

Your Zendesk integration is now complete! The next step is creating the pipeline in a flow.

Setting up Zendesk ticketing in a flow

As with an email ticketing service, you'll collect any responses or fields you'd like to forward to Zendesk and add a ticketing service node:

When a contact moves through the flow, a ticket will be forwarded to Zendesk, where the agent can reply:

You'll also be able to see the entire message history for the contact in your TextIt account:

Viewing Open Tickets

You can see all open tickets by clicking on the 'Tickets' tab which will appear after adding your first ticketing service:

Click on a ticket to see the contact's entire message history:

You can close a ticket with your TextIt account by clicking the checkbox and selecting the close button:

Reopen by clicking the checkbox and selecting the reopen button:

You're now all set up to handle tickets via Email or Zendesk!

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